This might be one of our favorite bubble wrap activities to date! Here’s what we’re loving about it: it uses recycled materials, it’s simple and fun for a wide span of ages, AND you can repurpose the bubble wrap you use for another sweet Valentine’s craft! Stay tuned for the next blog post for directions on that one. Below you’ll find step by step instructions and some tips- and remember to have fun creating and let your imagination take the stage!


  • Canvases or paper
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap


  1. Prep! Gather all your materials. And if you’re repurposing old canvases like we did, you need to paint those black a day or so before you plan to do the rest
  2. Cut out your heart shape on the bubble wrap. You can make these large or small- we chose one big heart per canvas. SO many options! The best way to get a symmetrical heart is by folding the bubble wrap in half then cutting. Just like you would do with a piece of paper.
  3. Next, comes the fun part! Paint your bubble wrap – bubble side UP! Again, the options are endless- polka dots, stripes, ombre, designs. But however you choose to paint, be sure not to take too long. If your paint starts to dry, it won’t stamp well. You also don’t need a very thick layer of paint; you can go over thin or dry spots with wet paint before step 4.
  4. When you’ve finished painting, carefully lift your bubble wrap heart and flip it over. Then place it bubble side DOWN on your canvas where you want the heart stamp.
  5. Gently press down on your bubble wrap smoothing it on, but not too hard that it wiggles or pops!
  6. After pressing down on the entire surface of your bubble wrap heart, slowly lift off the bubble wrap to reveal your awesome bubbly heart artwork!

We hope you give this a try! Tag us or use the hashtag #jointhebubblesbrigade if you post! Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram for more fun crafts and activities! See the video tutorial here.