Meet The Bubble Brigade & Jamie

Join Jamie & her animated pals from The Bubble Brigade, who visit her all the way from “Hullabaloo Island” in Bubble Bay. Jamie, who serves as a reflection of the deepest emotions that children feel, teams up with Flubble’s Bubble Brigade to solve life’s daily problems using music, humor, and active engagement. Through interactive play and teamwork, Jamie and The Bubble Brigade weave a beautiful thread between reality and imagination. Two worlds that children can move seamlessly between, finding more clarity in their emotions with each episode.

As team Bubble Brigade continues to develop into a half hour format, episodes will consist of a series of educational, funny and engaging segments and introduce our audience to a diverse cast of human and bubble brigade characters alike!

Our mission is to inspire children’s imaginations and empower them to confront real-life challenges and obstacles using humor and play. The bubbles help children to muster the confidence to meet new friends, solve problems, and find the fun (and funny) every day, even in the most unlikely of situations.

After all, there are always places to seek comfort, even in a bottle of bubbles! As The Bubble Brigade floats into the hearts and minds of children all over the world, encouraging curiosity and inclusivity, a brand new community will form around these joyous, lovable, and uniquely different characters and their spectacular adventures