Jamie & The Bubble Brigade love sharing new fun toys and games with their viewers.  If you have a product you’d like them to review in a personalized “unboxing” or product video with Jamie and one of the Bubbles, please submit a review request below! We accept toys, arts & crafts kits, subscription boxes, games, apps, movies, books and select kids’ accessories. 


  • Filling out a request does not guarantee you a review.
  • If Jamie, Flubble, Feebee or Frankee would like to review your product, you will receive a follow-up email with information on the next steps and where to send your product sample.
  • Please note which Bubble character you would like to join Jamie in your video!
  • Remember Frankee is all about Adventure, Feebee is little Miss Creative and loves Arts & Crafts and Flubble loves friendship and learning. 
  • Please do not send any product samples until you receive a follow-up email requesting a sample.
  • All products must be available to consumers for purchase in the U.S.
  • Jamie and the Brigade are very busy with their own content for kids so we do not guarantee a time frame for your product to be reviewed. 
  • There is a fee associated with a review (video and animation of the unboxing review) and that information will be sent to you with your follow up email. 

Products we look for and are more likely to be approved, meet one of the following criteria.


How much playtime will a child get from the product? Does it grow with your children or is it specifically for a certain age?


With so many options out there for kids, it is important that the products we review are original and unique! Does your product have new technology or new and fun characters? What makes your product different?


Kids learn by playing and we want to know does your product teach valuable lessons? Does it help with sharing, math? creativity? 

Playtime is all about fun and we want to unbox products that are engaging, exciting and make kids and families have a ton of FUN!