Mother/Daughter team Judy & Lindsay

When Judy was raising her two young boys in Houston, Texas, they spent lots of time playing outside in the yard. One day, while her boys were playing with bubbles, an image of a bubble character floated into her mind.

After scribbling around on paper, she found a local artist to bring her vision to life. She named him… Flubble Bubble.

Over the years, Flubble Bubble became the main character of Judy’s short stories and rhymes. Her family loved him and her stories so much that they encouraged her to make a life-size wearable costume of Flubble Bubble. She bought the largest size overalls she could find at Sears and stuffed them with fiberfill (a lot of it!) and made a separate paper-mache head. After showing up at neighborhood birthday parties and community service events, he became the town mascot. Everyone knew Flubble Bubble! Judy’s boys weren’t thrilled when they had to dress up as Flubble, but they wore him proudly and felt gratified when seeing all of the smiles they brought to the children in our neighborhood and at charity events.

As an adolescent, Judy’s daughter Lindsay was fascinated by the story her Mom had created and was inspired to write a children’s alphabet book that incorporated Flubble Bubble. When Lindsay was eleven, she and Judy spent countless hours on the weekends looking through the dictionary to find words that could be used in a “search-and-find” style book. The book evolved into, “Floating Through the Alphabet with Flubble Bubble”. During this time and while perusing books at their local Miami library, they found and hired an extremely talented illustrator named Walter Storozuk, whose accomplishments included the “Michelin Man” and work for Disney and Sesame Street and who visually brought the bubble pages to life. Sadly, Walter passed due to a long battle with cancer, but they never gave up in fulfilling their dream of becoming published authors and sharing Walter’s artwork with the world. Right before he passed, he presented Judy and Lindsay with an updated version of the book since computer-based illustration had become available. The vibrant pages captivated every young reader who came across it in the community.

The characters were so enduring that fifteen years later when Lindsay was pursuing a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at New York University, it occurred to her how much potential Flubble Bubble has and how widely used and loved bubbles are, even in the therapy room! She and Judy decided to modernize and revitalize their children’s alphabet book. It was then that they wanted to give Flubble Bubble some bubble buddies and incorporate them into the book, too. They teamed up with LA- based illustrator, Gregory Allen who updated the original artwork and helped to expand the Bubble cast of characters.

They envisioned Flubble, Feebee and Frankee on digital media and wanted these bubble buddies to have an opportunity to float into the hearts of children all over the world. They connected with talented singer-songwriter & entrepreneur, Jamie Kolnick, to write a song to introduce the bubbles. Jamie connected the team to Kristin Krall, a multi-faceted producer and voiceover talent who helped expand the conception of “The Bubble Brigade”.

On September 20th 2021, the first digital short will be released on their new YouTube channel with new videos launching every month. Lindsay, Judy and Jamie are thrilled to introduce these wonderful characters to families and children across the world.