Try Our Easy & Fun Not-So-SPOOKY Bubbling Caldron Craft

Are you on the hunt for seasonal crafts, but find the prep and materials exhausting? The search is over! We’ve got the perfect, fun and easy halloween craft! You know the place to go for bubbly and educational crafts and activities- RIGHT HERE!

This activity creates an environment of curiosity and gives caregivers the opportunity to ask questions to get kids excited and thinking!

But before we jump to the fun we’ve got some exciting news! We are going to be adding to The Bubbles Brigade and we need YOUR help! We will be running a contest early November 7-18 for all to put their pen to paper and create a new character to be part of the Hullabaloo Island family! Keep a close eye on instagram for details about how to enter!

 So with no further ado here’s our favorite BUBBLY fall craft WITH questions you can ask to help stir your kid’s creativity.

What you need: 

Paper (white and black)

Scissors and Glue 

Paint black acrylic and watercolors

Paint brush

Toilet paper rolls

What to do:

First, cut out caldrons out of the black paper and glue onto the white paper.

Next, take toilet paper rolls and dip them into the black paint. 

Stamp the roll onto the white paper in and around the caldron making lots of circle shapes- BUBBLES!

Let the black paint dry – about 10-15 mins should be enough time! Have the kids do a quick high energy pastime like jump on the trampoline while they wait!

Then paint inside the bubbles with your watercolors! And enjoy your beautiful masterpiece!

What you can say as you play:

  • What kind of shape do you think the TP roll will stamp?
  • What colors do you see?
  • Can you name the primary colors?
  • What color will we make if we mix these two?
  • How many bubbles are coming out of the caldron?

You can see ours here!

Another added bonus to this craft is the age range for learners- it’s easy for toddlers to stamp and painting in the lines is always optional! Older kids can take their time with the artistic painting side of it and do the cutting and glueing too! Check out this little guy stamping his own bubbles!

Did you have so much fun with this craft? Well, there’s more where that came from! The legwork is done and we collected our favorite fall and halloween craft and stem activities! Be sure to check out our instagram where you can find them!

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