In the bat of an eyelash, little ones can get into some pretty colorful messes! Ketchup-covered fingers, muddy knees, and blueberry-stained cheeks, are all part of being a curious kid. Luckily, the exploring doesn’t need to end there. Flubble Bubble will be the first to tell you, the bathtub is a truly magical place… Yummy scents and soapy foot massages instill early positive memories of self-care. It’s true, sudsing up can be just as much fun as a playdate in the zoo. Plus, it benefits mind/body health too. For more ways to enhance tub-time read on…

happy baby child bathes in a bath sprinkles and plays with the foam and bubbles

Mindfulness – turn the tub into a mini sanctuary for both of you. Release distractions by keeping electronic devices out of the bathroom; focus on your child’s experience. Allow your breathing to slow. Maintain steady eye contact. Place your child’s hand on her belly, showing her how to notice her breath. Softly count three breaths together. Mindfulness helps developing young minds learn patience and focus, while reducing anxiety and instilling a sense of inner calm.

Story Time Learning – Linger and read a favorite story or picture book from your own childhood. Encourage your child to ask questions. Pause at interesting words, and spell them together. Reading to your child is a beautiful bonding activity that not only strengthens learning and language skills but also promotes character development.

Imagination – Ever notice the hypnotic rainbow reflections that gleam inside a single bubble? Draw your child’s gaze to different objects surrounding the tub. Make a game out of envisioning new uses for ordinary things… Maybe a towel becomes a magic carpet, lavender soap, a microphone. Take advantage of the water. Use it to expand perception by taking a mental vacation. Ask your child to name and visualize different bodies of water… the seashore, ocean, lake. Talk about each place in detail. Imaginative play develops language and social skills, while naturally expanding and enhancing creativity.