Embrace being messy! Snag some one-on-one time with your child, working on projects from recycled materials and nature. Considering that roughly 80% of kids are visual learners, your actions couldn’t be more meaningful. Plus, bringing new beauty into the world has a rainbow of benefits, including: self-esteem, building social skills, and stress-reduction. Ask FeeBee, who won’t go anywhere without her special rainbow hair clip. An artist at heart, one of her favorite hobbies is crafting, especially when it comes to breathing new life into forgotten objects. To give it a try, read on…

Snazzy Bird Feeder Nook

Various shape of colorful painted bird house, hanging handmade wooden bird house on sunny daylight

It can be tricky for our winged pals to find dinner, especially in cooler weather. Repurpose your plastic bottles and milk cartons, add birdseed and glue, and you’re on your way to creating a cozy bird cafe! Audubon walks you through the steps: Recycled Bird Feeder Guess what? Even a toilet paper roll can become a bird feeder! Check out info from The Moffatt Girls.

Drawing & Painting Nature

It’s true, Feebee brightens the world with her magic paintbrush but she also enjoys mixing it up. Sometimes nature blooms in her art. To give it a try… Take your child on a walk in the park, depending on the time of year, collect flowers, leaves, twigs, berries, ect… Watercolor Instructions from the Artful Parent. Drawing inspiration from Playful Learning.

Rocks Your World!

Frankee is a fantastic explorer. He’s found rocks as big as a rabbit, and small as a spider. And you can too. Bring a basket, and take your child on a rock hunting expedition. Lead by example, and encourage looking in unusual places. Allow for discovery. Select a wide range of textures, sizes, colors. Don’t forget to toss in a handful of pebbles for good luck! Later, turn rocks into art… Paint faces, animals, insects; or incorporate them into a calming Zen sculpture. The more imaginative the better! For ideas see Martha Stewart’s Rock Crafts to Inspire Creativity